Mercury and heavy metal toxicity

Heavy metals, and in particular, mercury, are toxic to the brain.  Significant research indicates that a majority of children/people with autism do not have the ability to detoxify heavy metals like the rest of the general population.  Many of the bodily systems that detoxify heavy metals and protect the body from damage are not optimally functioning in children with ASDs.  Therefore, with the same level of exposure as others, there is a high percentage of heavy metal toxicity in the ASD population. In her paper, “Autism: A Novel Form of Mercury Poisoning,” Sallie Bernard demonstrated that the symptoms of mercury poisoning very closely mirror the symptoms of autism.

Further scientific research from Boyd Haley, Jon Pangborn, William Walsh, Baker, Cohen, and others has indicated that mercury significantly impacts the brain of those with ASDs.  They say this is in part because heavy metals damage sulfation.  Sulfation includes the biochemical processes that aid detoxification and the gut and blood brain barrier – systems that are essential to protecting the body and brain from mercury poisoning. 

The major sources of mercury exposure for children are vaccinations (even today the flu shot contains high levels), dental amalgams, and prenatal introduction.  Other heavy metal toxicities are also high in this group including: lead, aluminum, antimony, cadmium. Aluminum, as well as mercury, is found as a preservative in vaccinations.  Aluminum is also found in cookware, some canned food, and antiperspirants.  Antimony is in flame retardant used in baby sleepwear and bedding.  Lead in our environment is commonly found in old homes, in the water supply from old pipes.  More on sources of heavy metals.

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