Nourishing Hope - book by Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant

Nutrition Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Why Diet Can Help and a Holistic Approach to Implementation

NEW Updated & Expanded EDITION - October 2007

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Nourishing Hope is a compendium of seven years clinical nutrition experience and intense research. It outlines all of the
major autism diets including GFCF, SCD, Body Ecology, Feingold, low oxalate diet, Weston A. Price, and more. The book
provides a comprehensive understanding of malfunctioning metabolic processes and explains the impact of nutrition on
the biochemistry of children with autism. Detailed steps for dietary intervention are included and a roadmap for getting
started, evolving, and customizing the varied approaches. The book contains practical insight garnered through parents’
anecdotal experience with nutrition & diet intervention - even for picky eaters!

Nourishing Hope contains:

• The role of genetics and environmental toxins
• The impact of nutrients on biochemistry and healing
• The most beneficial dietary options for autism
• A holistic nutrition approach to determining and evolving a diet

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Professional Perspectives on Nourishing Hope

“Nourishing Hope by Julie Matthews, is doing just that for parents of autistic spectrum children. Julie joins a small group of doctors, researchers and parents who believe there are reasons to be hopeful and interventions worth trying. Nourishing Hope
covers the complex topics of environmental, biochemical, and nutritional factors affecting our children with clear explanations and helpful suggestions. This is an important addition to the library of "must read" books for parents of autistic spectrum
kids and the doctors who treat them.”

- Lisa Lewis, Ph.D., Author, Special Diets for Special Kids

“Julie is a gifted nutritionist. She elucidates the nuances and biochemical imbalances involved in ASD with a clear understanding of how to use nutrition and natural supplements to correct these imbalances. I encourage parents and practitioners alike to read Nourishing Hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to optimize the health and well-being of these truly special children.”

- Elisa Song, M.D., Pediatrician and DAN! Doctor

“ Nourishing Hope is an excellent resource for both families with ASD children and the clinicians treating them. Julie Matthews has done a superb job in bringing together vital, complex information and distilling it into a single no-nonsense, easy-to-use guide
through the maze of ASD interventions, and succeeds in doing just as it claims: Nourishing Hope.”

- Kara N. Fitzgerald, N.D., Department of Science & Education, Metametrix Clinical Laboratory

“ Julie Matthews’ approach to nutrition, diet and supplementation provides a unique blend of traditional and holistic approaches. Her mastery of these is superb and very practical."

- John Hicks, M.D. Medical Director, Pathways Medical & Holistic Health Center

“ Nourishing Hope is one of the best books written on dietary interventions for autism. It approaches treatment completely unbiased as opposed to ‘it worked for my child so it will work for yours.’ Julie appreciates and understands the differences in the need to customize.”

- Betsy Hicks, Diet Counselor, Pathways Medical & Holistic Health Center


PREFACE (from Nourishing Hope)

Since I began my professional studies in holistic nutrition and biochemistry, I have been particularly fascinated with nutrition for human development—that is, nutrition for children. From the onset, I investigated how artificial ingredients, low nutrient foods, and sugars were implicated in a wide range of newly epidemic disorders in children, particularly ADHD, type 2 diabetes (“adult-onset”), heart disease, and even autism.

Once I discovered that imbalanced biochemical pathways influence the symptoms of ADHD and autism and that food, nutrition, and proper supplementation can have significant impact on these disorders, I was drawn to learn and understand more. There are many people striving to help these children: parents, doctors, caregivers, educators, therapists, advocacy groups, nutritionists, researchers and research groups. If all of these people could better comprehend these factors and influences, we could use our collective knowledge to better help these children and their families. As I researched important subjects such as liver function, endocrine imbalance, the immune system, and food sensitivities, I would always ask the question, “How is this implicated in autism spectrum disorders, and how do we impact it through nutritional or supplemental interventions?”

Nourishing Hope is the culmination of seven years of research into and clinical experience with autism spectrum disorder and the affects of nutrition, environmental factors, and biochemical imbalances on these conditions. In this time, I have consulted with hundreds with children on the spectrum, read countless books and research papers, routinely attended (and now present at) leading conferences on the subject, interviewed leading-edge researchers, and collaborated with dozens of doctors and their patients.

My work continues steadfastly. I consult with parents and physicians through my office in San Francisco, and clients across the world by telephone. I am driven to share what I have learned and continue to learn. We all must share what we know so that all children on the spectrum and their families may harvest the life-bringing energies of hope. I believe that all people are worthy of (and deserve) hope—it is an inherently human capacity that, when nourished always leads to some positive outcome.


Contents - IMAGE

Underlying causes
and contributors to ASDs

Holisitic Nutrition Approach


To Parents:

I hope this book will educate and empower your active role in choosing and co-creating with your health care practitioner the best path for your child. While we all need help and guidance, decisions regarding the direction to take with your child’s health are uniquely personal. There is new, changing, and controversial information and only you can decide what directions you are willing to go. My desire is that this book will assist you in discussing information and strategizing approaches with your healthcare practitioners. It is for you, the courageous parents, and your children, that I press on in search of answers and more ways to help.

To Doctors:

I hope this book will inform you, your practice, and your efforts to help these children. You who are diligently on the front lines with these kids, their parents, and the many institutions trying both discover what is going on, and how to best provide help. I honor your work and intend to serve as best I can the continually emerging body of knowledge and practice that nourishes hope for parents, practitioners, and the children we love.

To Nutrition and Holistic Colleagues:

I hope this book inspires interest in applying your knowledge of health and healing in even broader ways. We are in this together. There are many children and families out there who need our help. May this book (and my experience and research) help further your work. Your experience, thoughts, and suggestions are welcome.

Julie Matthews



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Julie Matthews is not a physician. She does not diagnose or treat disease.
This book is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health-care professional, and is not intended to provide medical advice. For medical advice, always seek a physician.
This book is solely intended as a sharing of knowledge and information based upon
the experience and research of the author.

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