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Health of Economy

Health of Economy
How we define and exchange value is critical. Whatever (whomever) we give money to, we give resources and power money reinforces behavior. We can shape a better world by being intentional about how we create and use money and structure our financial systems.

- from the Healthful Living Model

Health of Economy refers to much more that simply the health of “The Economy.” Though it certainly comprises an expanded comprehension of what The Economy is, what influences it, and how we each play a part in it, our focus here is more personal and holistic.

As with all the areas of Healthful Living, there is great learning in both surfacing truths and understanding factors that inhibit Health of Economy, as well as exploring new ways to engage personally in order to foster conditions that better the individual, and the collective.

Understanding Matrix Influences

First and foremost we recommend visiting the website of one of our colleagues of freedom, Catherine Austin Fitts, at Solari. Read about and understand the nature of the Tapeworm Economy (and what we can do about it) here in the U.S. Gain insight into the how our current monetary ways are impeding the very things in which we take pride; like entrepreneurship, safe communities, and freedom.

As you understand the Tapeworm Economy and begin to comprehend that its perpetuation is dependent on people like you choosing to ignore what’s going on, you may come to realize the tremendous power you have each time you spend money.

Have you ever stopped to consider what you are reinforcing in the world when you spend $10 at Starbucks, versus walking over to “Joe’s Java” for your morning latte and scone?  Now is the time to give this consideration. Large corporations are displacing hard working Americans in small (and big) communities all across the country. Much of what we call the “backbone” of America is being taken over the strong arm of corporate greed. Many of us don’t believe that this trend serves the greater good, and we intend to do our part to make individual healthful choices.

See the movie WalMart: The High Cost of Low Price.

It is imperative that we as a community gain critical feedback about the implications of our economic ways. If we’re not curious about how company’s can sell things so cheaply, then we’re opting to be ignorant – a stance that serves no one. In this case, it is not only slave labor in China, but taxpayers in America who are subsidizing these corporations. By keeping most employees at part-time status and below the poverty level, Wal-Mart has its healthcare costs paid by local taxpayers through government assistance programs such as Medicaid benefits.  The local storeowners and economy suffers while a few at the top get filthy rich. Like the Fitt’s Tapeworm analogy:
  • Wal-Mart becomes a monopoly with no competition for jobs in town
  • Workers can’t make enough money to pay their bills
    • They go on government assisted services and drain taxpayer resources
    • The workers now “need” the lowest priced goods to make ends meet and buy from Wal-Mart
  • The local stores go out of business
  • Wal-Mart gets many tax advantages and the money leaves the local economy
  • Wal-Mart sucks the money and life out of the community and leaves it for dead

The film sparks our own innate wonder about organizations and ethical behavior. If you had a choice, would you rather do business with someone who was honest, or someone who was “out to beat you.” Surely you’d make the integral choice.

Seeds of Change

We do not claim that this is a simple problem with a simple answer.  However, we ALL can do SOMETHING:
  • Start buying products from local privately owned stores
    • Local bookstore instead of amazon.com
    • Local coffee shop vs. Starbucks
    • The corner hardware store not Home Depot
    • The corner market vs. Wal-Mart
    • Your local video guy instead of Blockbuster
    • Private restaurant vs. the chain restaurant
  • Shop for produce at the Farmers’ Market
  • Support local radio and free-speech media
  • Share resources such as motor vehicles, machinery, tools, and other occasionally used items
  • Start a buying coop

Money is reinforcement.  What you give your money and resources to will grow. Vote with your dollar.  Know where your money’s going and be the change you want to see in the world.  One person at a time can change a larger course of events.

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