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Healthful Living Model

It is through this model that you may define your own declaration of healthful living (see our article) and performance improvement plan through deep consideration of your thoughts, feelings, and actions in the six "circles."

By pursuing "health" in these areas, we leave behind limiting paradigms of scarcity and survival and embrace empowering ways of being. As each circle is nurtured, you serve yourself and others by fostering an enhanced life experience for all things of the Earth.

Heathful Living model

The six circles are:

Health of Body

We influence the health of our body through our choices that affect our physical being: nourishment, exercise, toxic exposures, thoughts, environmental conditions, etc.  We have tremendous ability to change our physical make up through our conscious choices – we should make them wisely.
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Health of Mind

We live in a world where much of what we all “think,” our particular beliefs, ideas, and paradigms are “given” to us by others. Do you stand guard at the doorpost of your mind: aware of what you let in, and what you choose to believe?
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Health of Spirit

Somewhere deep inside each of us are the universal spiritual questions of “Who am I?” and “What’s the purpose of life?” Attention to these primary beliefs and the “connection” to things broader and greater to one’s individual self is highly correlated to increased lifelong health and happiness. 
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Health of Community

Be it our home and family environments, social groups, organizations, our nation, and the human-race at large - the societies we create greatly influence the quality of our individual life experiences, and even our very survival.  Are we treating others the way we wish to be treated?
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Health of Economy

How we define and exchange value is critical. Whatever (whomever) we give money to, we give resources and power – money reinforces behavior. We can shape a better world by being intentional about how we create and use money and structure our financial systems.
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Health of Earth

The Earth is not ours. We humans are one of millions of living denizens that populate this rotating orb, yet the only species capable of destroying it. Conscious attention and actions that ensure that our “ways of being” preserve our planet and it resources are critical to its ability to sustain our life upon it. Human health is greatly influenced by the quality of the physical environments in which we surround ourselves – from our home, to our neighborhoods, to the planet as a whole.
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