Children's Health

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Healthy Babies
Healthy Kids
Picky Eating
Down Syndrome
Indigo Children
Environmental Toxins
Other imbalances (aggression, irritability, sensory integration, learning disorders)
There is probably nothing more important to a family, and a planet, than healthy children. The health of our children is the key barometer by which we measure how well we are taking care of ourselves and the earth. The two primary indicators are nutrition (access to healthy foods, clean air and water) and toxic exposures (substances that impede life). What we put in our bodies has direct effect on our health.

Children are more susceptible to toxins than adults. Most pesticides, environmental toxins, and drugs that the FDA/EPA regulates are tested only for their safety to adults, not children. Unfortunately, their toxicity reports and warnings do not accurately expose the toxic effects these substances have on kids.

The nutrition we provide for our children will significantly impact their entire lives. The earlier in life that healthy education and habits begin, the more positive impact we can have.

This section addresses the issues important to healthy children: good nutrition, substances harmful to growing children (and imbalances that can result), and strategies for furthering the health and wellness of tomorrow's generation.

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