Healthful Living is a lifestyle that promotes the health, healing, and happiness of all living things. Healthful Living was founded in 2002 as a partnership between Julie Matthews' lifelong interest in biochemistry and nourishment of the body and Martin Matthews' lifelong interest in human behavior and the mind. Today, Healthful Living is an expanding Netweave of holistic health/conscious living educators and practitioners, and a community of people like you.

Martin Matthews

Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist, Personal Coach

Areas of focus

Health/wellness, Personal Freedom, Stress reduction, Clearing emotional trauma...
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Julie Matthews

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Areas of focus

Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Pregnancy, Women's Health, Digestion, and more...
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Ask Yourself the Question

Are you Healthful Living?
When's the last time you stopped to contemplate your life?

Life zips by and for all you know, your body is always there for you. But is it? You'd be surprised what some people think, ignore, and deny.
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Julie's Classes


Cooking to Heal: Cooking Class & Nutrtion Education. Healthful Cooking Solutions for Children & Adults.learn more »



Nutrition for Pregnancy: Pregnancy nutrition class for current and future moms. learn more »



Cooking for Baby:
Good dietary habits early will help a child be a less picky eater and maintain a healthy weight throughout life. learn more »


Foundations of Traditional Foods:
Learn to prepare the foods that cultures around the globe ate to remain healthy. learn more »


Nourishing Our Children:
Free presentation: "Timeless Principles for Supporting Learning, Behavior and Health Through Optimum Nutrition"
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