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Nutrition Intervention - Areas of Focus

“Julie Matthews is my preferred referral in San Francisco for patients requiring in-depth nutrition counseling. She works in a collaborative, personable, and professional manner. Her work is of great value. I recommend her highly.”

Carl Hangee-Bauer, N.D., LAC
SOMA Acupunture


Read more about how nutrition can help you restore balance in each of these areas in order to achieve optimal health.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders, including ADHD

Diets & essential nutrition, supplements, mercury and environmental toxins, vaccinations, candida, faulty sulfation read more »

Children's Health

Children's nutrition, healthy babies, picky eating, juvenile diabetes & obesity, learning & behavioral disorders
read more »

Women's Health

Hormonal balance, fertility, pregnancy, preconception preparation, PMS, menopause
read more »


Constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, gas and bloating, IBS, inflammatory bowel conditions, GI health
read more »


Detoxification support, toxins effect on endocrine system, digestion, detoxification, and immune system
read more »

Immune Support

Immune system, autoimmune conditions, allergies & asthma
read more »

Weight Management

Weight loss strategies, factors in weight gain, obesity, eating disorders
read more »

Emotional Health

Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addiction, aggression
read more »

Endocrine Function

Hypoglycemia/diabetes, thyroid, adrenal fatigue & stress, migrains & headaches
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Heart Health

Cholesterol, high blood pressure, triglycerides, trans fats

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