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Feedback and Testimonials

Children's Nutrition and Autism

“"I am a DAN doctor treating many Autistic kids.  After treating hundreds of Autistic kids, I havecome to the conclusion thatdiet is the most important part of effective treatment for autism.  The diets can be very complicated and challenging to implement.  Julie is knowledgeable in the various nutritional approaches, and is very dedicated and conscientious –- she is one of my key resources.  I feel that we are very fortunate to have a nutritionist as excellent as Julie to help us with navigating this very crucial part of the getting our kids well." - Miriam Jang, M.D.

“"Thank goodness for Julie!!!!   We have a three year old autistic child who faces the common problem of food allergies and being on the gluten/casein diet.  He also has extremely high copper levels and difficulties with phenols, dyes and fragrances.  I didn't know what foods and household items (lotions, bath soaps,shampoos, etc.) to use with this child.  Julie worked with his DAN doctor to help get his bio-medical needs under control and helped us set up a schedule for the vitamins and supplements.  We now have solid bowels, better sleep, andhis coloring and skin are much better. Now that Tyler's system is becoming balanced and healthy his brain is free to learn and heal."- Toni Richards

“"Julie's nutritional expertise in ASDs is driven by a heart to serve her clients.  She provides helpful information as well as powerful and detailed therapeutic advice.  I'd recommend Julie to any of my patients." - Dave Traver, M.D.

“"Julie spoke at our mom's meeting today and she was wonderful.  She’s an incredible source of information, personable, and practice what she preaches.  She is obviously committed to healthy kids. She had so much to share.  I would hire her as a personal consultant without hesitation." - Jessica Lanning

“"Julie's knowledge on nutrition and health is invaluable for addressing the complex dietary and supplementations needs of our young daughter.  We continue to rely on her for sound recommendations, thorough nutrition plans, and expert advice that make a great difference to our daughter’s health.” - K. Carleton

Pregnancy/Pre-conception/Nourish the Future Classes

“The Pre-Conception Program was fabulous. After every single class, I walked out of the room feeling energized and inspired about the prospect of starting a healthy family. Also, I gained confidence as I learned through all modules. Julie's high energy and enthusiasm created a fun and positive class atmosphere. Her positive attitude made it easy for me to ask all kinds of questions.

After completing the pre-conception program, I am still using the reading materials to look up information. I am happy that I attended this course to have a comprehensive knowledge and understanding that are vital to starting a healthy family. I recommend it to anyone who is thinking about starting a family.” - Mary G.

“The class provides a wealth of information for anyone that is pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or who works with pregnant women. Julie presents a variety of information in a clear and organized manner. I learned so much from this class!" - Katie Louderback

“Julie has been a wonderful source of practical information about healthful living.  She's helped me focus on key areas to improve my health and feeling of well-being.  As a new mom, I've really appreciated her warm and thoughtful guidance.” – Lida Morgenstein

“I participated in Julie's pre-pregnancy class to gear up for my second pregnancy and wished so much that I'd taken it in time for my first. Julie's knowledge is deep and research-based and her class was incredibly useful, inspiring, eye-opening, and practical. Because of her class I've entered a new world of thinking and reading about both nutrition and general wellness for which I am so grateful.” - Kirsten Steward Beckwith

“Julie provides extensive knowledge about the nutritional needs of pregnancy and how to prepare your body to have the healthiest pregnancy possible.  I highly recommend her preconception series and individual counseling." - Leah Redwood, Licensed Midwife, Sacred Body Midwifery

“I loved the class. It was informative, interesting, and fun. Before taking your class, I didn't pay much attention to nutrition, but now, I'm all about eating organic and reading labels (and not just for the calories). I also learned a lot about all of the options that pregnant women have with midwives, doulas, Chinese medicine, etc. I recommend your class.” - F. Price

"Thanks for getting me started on the kombucha (from the fermenting class).  I’ve been making it non-stop since the class and love it." - Student: Recipe for a Healthy Family

“Thanks for an inspiring day of food.” - Ali Sant

General and Adult Nutrition

“Julie Matthews is my preferred referral in San Francisco for my patients who need in-depth nutrition counseling. She works in a collaborative, personable and professional manner and I've found her work to be of great value. I recommend her highly." - Carl Hangee-Bauer

“After seeing several doctors, working with Julie is refreshing.  She listened to my concerns and sought a solution, not a “quick fix.” Julie taught me what was going on with my body and what it needed.  For the first time in years, I’m feeling better from the inside out." - Jeni Prahser

“I met Julie Matthews when my acupuncturist, Marina McBrearty recommended her to me.  In March 2004, I found myself ready to finally embrace major changes in self-care.   Julie has been extremely helpful and supportive in what I call my “nutritional quest.” I asked Julie at our first meeting, “please don’t tell me what I can’t have instead work with me on what I can eat and why.”    With her help, I have been able to begin and maintain the diet that my body really needs.   There has been no shortage of Julie’s insight, from her personal determination to overcome her own nutrition issues and her professional training.   In working with Julie I am confident in my approach to Mind/Body nutrition - an area of my life that has seldom seen so much insight.   I have received a practical, no-nonsense understanding of why enzymes and amino acids and vitamins can be helpful and how to properly use them based on my specific needs.   One element that has helped me greatly is to approach these changes as a lifestyle change that will lead to my enjoying my life better and hopefully longer.

Working with Julie has been one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  I recommend working with Julie if you have struggled with trying different approaches to health and haven’t found the right fit or if you are suffering silently with painful side effects from eating and you don’t understand why." - Traci Teraoka

Energy work/ Bioenergy Balancing

“I came to see Julie originally for my extensive food allergies and she was extremely helpful with nutritional information and ideas on what I could eat.  When she mentioned that she also did energy work I was intrigued.  I wanted to be well and if she thought it might help I was willing to try it.  Now within a few short months I am completely well!  I feel better than I have for felt for years and I know that the energy work was an integral part of my healing process.  It made all the difference for me.  I used to get giant hives from oranges and had to carry around a bee sting kit for years just in case I was exposed accidentally to oranges.  I am now drinking orange juice for breakfast!  I could hardly eat anything when I came to see her and now I can eat whatever I want.  It has changed my life and I am so grateful that Julie and Amy were able to help me.  I am so happy to be well!" - Dawn Reneau

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