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Martin Matthews

Certified Hypnotherapist

I'm Martin Matthews; Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist, Neurolinguistic Programmer, Energetic Healer, and Coach/Guide. I am an advocate for healthful living, co-host of the Reality Sandwich radio program, and co-creator of Healthful Living. My further "professional"” background includes undergraduate study in business and industrial psychology at California State University, Hayward, and a master's degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

Martin Matthews (photo)

I'm about possibility and positive growth. I believe that all things are created with a blueprint of perfection, some ideal intention of how they (or it) serve both the self and other life through the perpetuity of time. Given ideal conditions and the proper nurturance, life experience develops and progresses unabated and uninhibited. To be sure, the aggregate conditions under which we all experience life are not the “ideal - there are stressors, there are inhibitions.”  However, to understand the potential within us, within all things, be they people, systems, or institutions, it is important to ponder, I feel, the possibility that exists if there were no inhibitions.

Life is about identifying and understanding the conditions that inhibit our flourishing, adapting as best we can to the circumstances we face, and using our human capability of intelligence though applied consciousness to modify things such that we can nurture growth and unleash potential.

With few exceptions, everything is inhibited to some degree. Everything has learned to protect itself – - first, then be open to the growth, wonder, and pleasures of life.

There is an ideal state (which perhaps is simply a concept) where everything can just “be” itself in its perfection. I call this the Absolute Absence of Inhibition, or pure love. Pure love is without inhibition, without anything whatsoever that would impede the flourishing of life. When our dog, Ozzy, exposes his belly in typical “downside up” position, he is expressing and experiencing what I feel and interpret as pure love – or a state of Absolute Absence of Inhibition. Life experience for Ozzy is all about love, connection, and joy. While lying on his back fully makes him vulnerable and exposed to potential harm, it is also the best and most effective way for him to experience his greatest potential of pure love.

Our life experiences are a delicate balance between protecting ourselves from hurt (both physical and emotional), and opening up to love. I have been a student of these human phenomena for most of my life, forever curious about human behavior and the factors that influence our respective health, happiness, and creative endeavors.

My approach provides learning tools, strategies, exercises, and hypnosis to remove blockages, allowing you the freedom to reach your full potential. I combine sensitivity with consistency and strength to help you achieve your goals, be they physical, health, career, relationship, and/or financial.

I apply medical hypnotherapy and energetic methods to engage the inherent healing capabilities of mind, body, and spirit. I aim to empower life. I employ a variety of approaches based on both ancient therapeutic wisdom and modern intutive insight.

I see and elicit people's unique potential, and with a gentle coaching style, support their personal growth and life objectives. My compassionate approach, wisdom, and compelling vocal resonance foster a safe and effective environment for learning and healing.

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