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Martin's services:

Personal Coaching
Energetic Healing & DNA Activation

Martin works with clients to unleash their unique potential, as serving other’s realization of health and happiness is core to his own life’s purpose. He employs multiple modalities and tools to aid in the identification and navigation of obstacles to freedom.

His primary work is with the mind (the driver of all that we do), to help clients align the messages and direction of their mind with their soul’s pure intention.  Hypnotherapy is a safe and effective way to access subconscious “programming” to identify and clear negative patterns and beliefs that were created earlier in life that no longer serve us.

When deeper (historic) energetic factors are at play that affect present day life experience, Martin’s vibrational healing work focuses on eliminating interference patterns to help restore our blueprint of perfection. DNA Activation serves to broaden our innate capabilities and open expanded potential and possibility.

His personal coaching provides structure, support and understanding to others on their journey to wellness and freedom. His financial freedom consulting reflects his belief that all people deserve the means to pursue their life’s purpose. As financial misinformation and stresses can restrict people’s realization of their desires, Martin offers direct support to sincere individuals seeking to open up to broader knowledge and financial realities. 


How Martin’s services work

Martin has a range of modalities and services available as described above.  You can “mix and match” Martin’s services as you desire, and you can engage in anything from individual hypnotherapy sessions to monthly coaching packages.  Martin is flexible and will create a program that works for you and your needs.

Martin provides support to clients through in person sessions, phone appointments, and email “check-ins.”

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