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June 2004, Issue 2

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  • Demystifying the Mind/Body Connection by Martin Matthews
  • Bioenergy Balancing for Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)
  • Profile: Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) for Intestinal Disorders
  • Nourishing the Spiritual Body by Amy Mears
  • Playing with your Food: Summer Cooking Class
  • Review: Super Size Me - Film by Morgan Spurlock

  • Demystifying the Mind/Body Connection by Martin Matthews

    People often ask me how hypnosis relates to health and healing. They've heard about hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, to help stay on an exercise regime, to assist in boosting white blood cell count to combat disease, or many other applications. The notion of "mind/body" is touted all over, but what does it really mean to your health? Here are some of my thoughts.

    For one, I think it's important to understand that we all experience some form of hypnosis (trance like states) everyday. We may not be aware of this because of how we identify with hypnosis. We typically limit our comprehension to "mystical" or "spooky" definitions. Perhaps we've seen a movie where a hypnotist swung a gold pocket watch as their patient was "mesmerized" into doing all sorts of things the hypnotist told them. This is not a true representation of hypnosis.

    Bioenergy Balancing for Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs)

    For the past two years I've been applying a biochemical approach, such as the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now!) nutritional protocol, to help improve the symptoms of those with ASDs. In this article I will introduce you to an innovative form of therapy that has served my own healing and furthered my clients health objectives as well. My colleague, Amy Mears (see her ongoing column in the Healthful Living newsletter) and I are combining our greatest knowledge of the biochemistry of autism with acutely effective application of energy work, called Bioenergy Balancing. We are using this approach to further support those with autistic spectrum disorders.

    What is Bioenergy Balancing? Bioenergy Balancing releases emotions and trauma that have become blocked and stored in the body at the cellular level. These blockages affect the flow of chi, the universal life energy that continually supplies the body with energy and vitality. When this energy is blocked, it affects the biochemical processes and overall health of the physical body. Bioenergy Balancing uses non-invasive muscle testing to understand the causes of the biochemical imbalances and restores the body to health by releasing blockages along the appropriate energy meridians of the body, much like the systems that acupuncturists use in their work.

    Profile: Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) for Intestinal Disorders

    Chronic Diarrhea
    Celiac Disease

    The Specific Carbohydrate Diet is a godsend for many of those who feel they have "tried everything." The diet is based on research and diet recommendations that Elaine Gottschall discovered from Dr. Haas in the pursuit of relief for her eight year old daughter suffering from incurable ulcerative colitis in 1958.

    The first question you may ask is why is she still working on this 46 years later? Anyone who has met Elaine, knows what a pleasure it is to speak with her. She's sharp, funny, courageous, and very bright. Her determination to help others is inspiring. After healing her daughter many years ago, she continues to lecture and get the word out on this powerful diet.

    SCD is based on the principle that many intestinal disorders are based on a vicious cycle of: 1. Intestinal inflammation and damage
    2. This inflammation causes a decrease in enzymes and decreased carbohydrate digestion 3. These undigested carbohydrate or sugar molecules promote the growth of pathogenic organisms that feed on sugars 4. Causing further damage and perpetuating a vicious cycle.

    To break the vicious cycle, one must eliminate ALL complex sugars. Monosaccharides are allowed - fruit, vegetables, and honey, but all other carbohydrates must be avoided. Since monosaccharides do not require digestion, they can be absorbed into the small intestine quickly; therefore do not contribute to the feeding of microorganisms. No others sugars, grains, or starchy vegetables are allowed. While it can be challenging to avoid these carbohydrate staples of our diet, the use of fruit and honey provide for delicious and sweet snacks, and the ability to use nut flours in place of grain flours allow for some flavorful muffins, crackers, and breading to be created. Many of my clients who have tried this diet, swear by it. Once you get the hang of the diet, the benefits of improved health and digestive relief are worth it.

    Nourishing the Spiritual Body by Amy Mears

    Are you overwhelmed by life these days? Are you overburdened with responsibilities, work, child raising, and all of the errands that it takes to support you in your life?

    If you are overwhelmed, I thank you for stopping a moment to read this column. And I want to acknowledge all that you do to provide for your self and your family, because in this day and age, I know that it's not easy. There is a never ending to-do list, a sense of always being available with the advent of cell phones and email, and a scary, uncertain financial picture for many people in their jobs and lives.

    If you can take a moment in between phone calls and sips of coffee, I invite you to consider how this lifestyle is affecting your body and your health. Do you feel happy and energized by your life? Or do you feel as if you're struggling to keep up with the flow? Do you take time to eat? Do you run from appointment to appointment with little time in between? Are you suffering from aches and pains, or restless sleep, or has your health already been compromised in a more serious way?

    For many people, the demands of their lives far outweigh the energy reserves they have to supply themselves. They strategize their errand routes for maximum efficiency. They fuel their bodies with coffee and sugar, feeling groggy when they wake up and as if a truck had run over them by the end of the day. They are rushed to get to work, overburdened when they arrive because of the personnel cuts of the past years, and cope with the stress by having a few drinks after work, thereby providing themselves with a false sense of euphoria to end their day with.

    I know this because I was one of those people for a long time...

    Playing with your Food: Summer Cooking Class

    Introduction to delicious summer produce. Stuck in a rut? Get your creative juices flowing. Learn how to create healthy meals with local seasonal food with Sandy Zeldes, Personal Chef and Caterer (, and Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant.

    Healthy and Creative Salads and Vinaigrettes
    Smoothies and Juices with Delicious Summer Fruits
    Intro to Sprouting Foods

    Saturday, July 24th
    11:00AM - 2:00PM
    San Francisco

    Call or email to reserve your spot. Space is limited. $65 includes food sampling. 415-437-6807

    Review: Super Size Me - Film by Morgan Spurlock

    This film is a must see! Winner for Best Director in 2004's Sundance Film Festival, this documentary by Spurlock chronicles his 30-day exclusive McDonald's diet. To understand the health effects of eating McDonald's, Spurlock eats a diet in which he can only consume products from the McDonald's menu for 30 days. He must have everything on the menu at least once and must super size his meal if offered by a cashier. Under the supervision of three physicians: a gastroenterologist, internist, and cardiologist, Spurlock's progress (or descent) is followed.

    It's amazing to the addictive and emotion alerting nature of this fast food, the level to which his cholesterol and weight skyrocket after only a few weeks, and how his liver becomes as fatty as someone who has been on a 30-day alcohol binge.

    This film is eye opening. It uncovers the power of the fast food industry on food policy and on American's view of "food," and well as exposing the effects of fast food on health. It is no wonder that American is the fattest nation of people in the world. Even the doctors are amazed at how much a diet of fast food can so rapidly affect someone's health. It's no wonder that the fat cat lobbyists in Washington are trying to pass legislation making it illegal to sue fast food restaurants. The extend they go to manipulate our children into a lifelong fast food addiction is chillingly close to what the tobacco industry has gotten away with.

    Go see this film, and take a friend. If we are going to change it, we need to be aware of what this industry is doing to our health.

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