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Autumn 2004, Issue 3

Dear Julie,

Welcome to the Healthful Living newsletter - With fall upon us, and winter rapidly approaching, we hope you enjoy our suggestions for healthful living.

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  • Fresh Start!!!
    New Year Seminar by Healthful Living
  • Protect Yourself During the Flu Season by Julie Matthews
  • Film Review: The Future of Food
  • Change by Aimee Logan, M.A., Coach
  • Nourishing the Spiritual Body: Remembering our Light in Dark Times by Amy Mears
  • Playing with your Food: Fall Cooking Class
  • Energy "Playshop" - with Julie Matthews and Amy Mears

  • Protect Yourself During the Flu Season by Julie Matthews

    We are coming upon "flu season" and many are rushing to their clinic to get the flu vaccine. Once only recommended for the elderly and the immune compromised, it is now recommended for children, infants, pregnant women, and more or less recommended for the population at large. Is the flu vaccine the answer? I say, "No." Today I won't go into the details of vaccinations, or the flu vaccine, except to say that we have heard frequently of the damage causes by mercury in vaccines. As mercury is a known brain toxin, mercury is not safe in any quantity for pregnant women, children, but what about the elderly? Hugh Fudenberg, MD, an immunogeneticist and biologist who has published over 800 papers peer review journals, reported in a study covering 1970-1980 that if an individual had five consecutive flu shots during those years, that his/her chances of getting Alzheimer's Disease is TEN times higher than if they had zero through two shots.

    So, since you hopeful will not want or be able to get the flu shot (because of short supply), here's what you can do for flu season. I suggest engaging the most powerful, proven, reliable, and time-tested system that has been around for millennia - the immune system.

    What you can do to boost the immune system:
    1. Get plenty of rest. Rest rejuvenates the immune system better than any other method.
    2. Eat well. Reduce sugars, which inactivate the immune system for up to 5 hours. Increase nutrient rich whole foods: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, and legumes.
    3. Supplement with immune system boosters. Vitamin A, C, and E, B vitamins, zinc, and selenium boost immune function.
    4. Try homeopathic remedies like Oscillococcinum at the onset of the flu or see a homeopath. They works wonders.
    5. See an acupuncturist. If a cold starts, seeing an acupuncturist promptly upon first symptoms can stop the flu in it's tracks, or see one on an ongoing basis during flu season if susceptible.

    Film Review: The Future of Food

    This film is one of the best I've ever seen. The Future of Food is an account of genetically modified food or GMOs (genetically modified organisms). It is a disturbing (and inspiring) look at food policy in the US government and through out the world, as well as the health, environmental, and political implications of GMOs.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the science behind GMOs, this film does an excellent job detailing out how these foods/ seeds are made from genes of viruses, bacteria, fungus, and other organisms injected into the cell of the plant, changing the genetic structure. This is not simply crossing a pear with an apple. In addition to the health affects on people and livestock who eat the food, the impact on the environment with cross-pollination and destruction of native strains is overwhelming.

    The film documents Japan and Europe's serious concern over GMOs, refusing to buy our food or seed. Japan is so concerned with potential dangers and the absence of research they have said, "We will watch the children of America to see the affects of GMOs." This is a chilling reality of what we face. With no labeling of GMOs there is no accountability to Monsanto of the health risks of these genetically modified foods.

    Most startling are corporations' ability to patent life (which had been illegal in the past) - from seeds and plants to genes responsible for disease. It also outlines the revolving door between Monsanto executives and their appointment to positions within the US Department of Agriculture (who make the food policies for America). It is a disturbing account of how this massive corporation is looking to control the world market of food supply.

    With all of this disturbing information, don't let this detour you from seeing the movie. There is a balance of empowering information on what consumers have done, continue to do, and can do to change this.

    Change by Aimee Logan, M.A., Coach

    When I turned thirty, I knew that I was stepping into a decade of transcendence and rebirth from the life I had known before. Upon, the age of thirty four I am coming to terms with the ebb and tide of passion, emotionally, physically and spiritually. My quest is to keep my internal fire burning. The old patterns and old remedies are not serving me.

    Change has become the word that defines this transformation. It is challenging to feel stuck. It is challenging not to know what the next steps in life are. It is challenging to stay balanced. It is also challenging to witness the changes in the environment and world politics.

    The truth is that change is the only constant. The tools that I use in change are:
    1. Remember to breathe
    2. Keep a positive attitude as the best thoughts create the best results
    3. Eat wholesome foods
    4. Exercise
    5. Have an action plan
    6. Have faith

    Regardless, of age, change happens. It is how we embrace change that defines grace.

    Aimee Logan

    Nourishing the Spiritual Body: Remembering our Light in Dark Times by Amy Mears

    My offering to you in this newsletter is a poem that I wrote four years ago, as I was about to undergo a stem cell transplant after a year and a half of chemotherapy for Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Many aspects of my outward life had been lost or turned upside down by that experience. And yet I found that there was a place within myself that had remained untouched by the trauma surrounding me. It was this voice that became stronger and more clear as those outward layers and trappings got stripped away one by one.

    It is my hope that through these dark times of war and corruption that we all find this voice within, and that through the clarity of it's expression, we recover and remember the b est parts of our selves. Perhaps then will the call fo r truth and compassionate community be heard, and the lig ht returned to our country. Peace to all of you.

    Thank you for the days When the rain tastes like silver When the tree branches whisper and rustle of wind When I am the clumsy exuberant joy of running down hill

    Thank you for the days When the stars shine crystal cold When the dusty roads call with beckoning promise When I am the mystery of synchronicity revealed Thank you for the days When the stars shine crystal cold When the dusty roads call with beckoning promise When I am the mystery of synchronicity revealed

    Thank you for the days When Oneness is within and without When the moon fills the night sky with voluptuous grace When I am the knowing of my ancestors wisdom.

    Thank you for the days When the offerings of love come pure and free When the animals share the trail with my footsteps When I am the endless space of forever

    Thank you for the days When the lessons are received with gratitude When the sun beams radiate all around and through When I am the dancing light and joy of music

    Thank you for the days When I realize how simple life is

    Thank you for the days

    Playing with your Food: Fall Cooking Class

    Introduction to wonderful fall/winter produce. Stuck in a rut? Learn how to create healthy meals with local seasonal food with Sandy Zeldes, Personal Chef and Caterer (, and Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant.

    Cooking with Seasonal Foods: Winter squash, root vegetables, persimmons, pomegrante
    Warming Stews and Soups
    Hearty Grains: Red quinoa and other exotic gluten-free grains

    Sunday, Dec 5th
    11:00AM - 1:00PM
    San Francisco

    Call or email to reserve your spot. Space is limited. $75 per person or $130/couple; includes food sampling. 415-437-6807

    Energy "Playshop" - with Julie Matthews and Amy Mears

    Come explore the basics and tools of self-healing!

    - Energy anatomy, merdians, and chakras
    - Learn where emotions and trauma are stored
    - Discover the connection between the energy-body and the physical/beiochemical-body
    - Learn how to use muscle testing and a pendulum to ask questions and make decisions
    - Identify supplements and foods best for you
    - Get in touch with your intuition

    Saturday, Dec 11th
    10:30AM - 1:00PM
    San Francisco

    Call or email to reserve your spot. Space is limited. $60/person or $99/couple 415-437-6807

    Julie Matthews is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and Reiki Practitioner, and Amy Mears is a Certifed Reiki Master. Julie and Amy are bioenegy Balancing practitioners who work together with clients to remove energetic blocks, and restore balance and vitality.

    Fresh Start!!!
    New Year Seminar by Healthful Living

    - In need of ideas or inspiration?
    - Feel blocked from achieving your goals?
    - Want to improve overall health?

    Let '05 be the year you empower your mind, body, and food by embracing healthful living and making a Fresh Start.

    In this 2-day intensive seminar you'll embrace new habits, attitudes, and perspectives to stay on track with your New Year goals and longer term life objectives. Believe in yourself and take in powerful information and strategies that will make a difference.

    Seminar lead by:
    Julie Matthews, Certified Nutrition Consultant
    Sandy Zeldes, Professional Holistic Chef
    Martin Matthews, Certified Clinical/Medical Hypnotherapist and Personal Coach

    - Experience guided, in class hypnotherapy to foster peak motivation
    - Receive healthy and insightful food ideas and nutrition guidance
    Learn tips and recipes to make food preparation fast and easy
    - Discover and set personal goals for the new year
    - Gain tools and strategies to stay on track

    Everyone deserves a fresh start. Sign up now!

    $240 registration fee
    $199 early registration (by January 21st)
    Reserve your spot early, space is limited

    January 29th and 30th
    Saturday and Sunday 9:30-1:30
    Snacks and food tasting included. Lunch provided Sunday.
    Held in San Francisco

    Contact Julie Matthews at 415-437-6807 or

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