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March/April 2006

Dear Julie,

Welcome to Healthful Living's refreshed newsletter, The Healthful Living Advocate. In this edition we are excited to announce the launch of our completely new website at HealthfulLiving.org. The new site presents our broader comprehension of applied consciousness, presented through the Healthful Living model.

There is new functionality, information, and resources to support the growing community. We'll continue to bring you a holistic health perspective, now with an updated look and greater breadth of content. There's more to come, including your insights and perspectives on the Healthful Living blog (coming soon!).

By receiving this e-mail you are part of a community of people committed to living happy, healthy, lives - conscious of the impact our choices have upon our individual and collective futures. Together, we "opt in" to doing our best to nourish ourselves and all things. We share knowledge, strategies, and resources to strengthen our collective health, prosperity, and well being.

Welcome to Healthful Living!

Visit the new HealthfulLiving.org
  • Healthful Living is on the air!!!
  • Nourish The Future
    Nutrition for Pregnancy and Healthy Kids
  • Check out our new Recipe Manager...and share a recipe!
  • Expanding Community Resources and Practitioners
  • The Healthful Living Model
  • Understand your Freedoms ­ Study our U.S. Constitution

  • Nourish The Future
    Nutrition for Pregnancy and Healthy Kids

    Nourish the Future is Healthful Living’s collection of nutrition courses, cooking classes, holistic workshops, and other events that nourish children and our families for a healthy future. We have classes for women that are pregnant and women who are planning to become pregnant. We have classes for healthy nutrition for babies and children, and more.

    Explore what it means for you to nourish the future:

    Pregnancy and Pre-conception Nutrition
    Recipe for a Healthy Family Cooking Class
    Cooking for Baby

    "The class provides a wealth of information for anyone that is pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or who works with pregnant women. Julie presents a variety of information in a clear and organized manner. I learned so much from this class!" - Katie L.

    Check out our new Recipe Manager...and share a recipe!

    We created this tool as a resource for people with special dietary needs. The recipes are created and/or submitted from Healthful Living, our community, clientele, and anyone interested in contributing. You can search from recipes you’d like to use personally.

    We specialize in:

    • Gluten/casein-free
    • Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)
    • Weston A. Price/Nourishing Traditions
    • Fermented foods
    • Soy-free
    • Egg-free
    • ...even rice-free

    You can search by dietary requirements and narrow our focus to your desired needs. For example, if you want a main dish and need to avoid gluten, casein, soy and egg; you can search for GFCF and soy-free and egg-free main dishes, and our application will find the subset of recipes that meet your needs.

    This recipe manager is a resource that will grow over time. We'd love for you to contribute a recipe to the site to share with others.

    Expanding Community Resources and Practitioners

    Healthful Living is an ever expanding resource for information and services that support our desire for community and healthful living. It is what we call our NetWeave.

    See our site for resources of books and websites on:

    • Nutrition
    • Autism
    • Family Resources
    • Sustainable Living
    • Environmentally-Friendly Products

    The community resources also provide practitioners and services that are in alignment with Healthful Living's principles.

    The Healthful Living Model

    Healthful living is a choice that we make inside, about how to live our lives. We recognize that we have great influence over the quality of our life experiences, and choose to EMPOWER ourselves and others by giving life the best opportunity to flourish.

    Our choices affect multiple components and factors that “show up” in all realms of life; physical, emotional, and spiritual. Fully grasping this reality is reflective of our innately human conscious being, in that we accept the responsibility that accompanies living.

    It is through this model that you may define your own declaration of healthful living (see our article) and performance improvement plan through deep consideration of your thoughts, feelings, and actions in the six "circles."

    By nourishing "health" in these areas, we leave behind limiting paradigms of scarcity and survival and embrace empowering ways of being. As each circle is nurtured, you serve yourself and others by fostering an enhanced life experience for all things of the Earth.

    The Healthful Living Model is presented through the geometrical pattern of the seed of life, which represents the beginning of all creation and change.

    The six circles of the Healthful Living Model are:
    - Health of Body
    - Health of Mind
    - Health of Spirit
    - Health of Community
    - Health of Earth
    - Health of Economy

    Understand your Freedoms ­ Study our U.S. Constitution

    It’s a good time to reconnect with the core tenets of our free republic and better understand the document that articulates and preserves our freedoms...by reading it! Too many of us misconceive that government "grants" us our rights, when actually it is their job to "preserve" our rights.

    Healthful Living will soon be holding community study groups. We’ll explore different parts of the constitution at each meeting and gain greater comprehension of our Rights...and from where they stem. If we don’t understand what freedom means, how can we achieve it for ourselves?

    We’ll meet at Coffee to The People an independent progressive coffee shop in San Francisco. Friends can download the Citizen's Rule Book in advance, and bring it to the meeting along with your own knowledge, curiosity, and desire to strengthen community knowledge and connection with like minded individuals.

    Our initial meeting will be Tuesday evening May 16th, from 6-8pm. You can listen to Reality Sandwich on May 11th to learn about the constitution during our show Know Your Rights!

    More on Freedom...

    The broader spiritual community of which Healthful Living is a part is strongly grounded in the principles of personal empowerment, sustainability, and freedom for all.

    Freedom ­ including financial freedom ­ allows us to be able to pursue our life’s purpose. All of humanity is served as more individuals pursue freedom, contribute to their community, live their purpose, and truly set an example of what is possible.

    Just as many people have moved beyond the boundaries of a strictly western medical approach to their physical health and well being, many are broadening their comprehension of financial knowledge and strategies, beyond the confines of the mainstream.

    This education and approach has been available for decades to the wealthy and connected, who are well practiced at perpetuating financial success. Individuals can tap into this resource base, learn, and apply this knowledge to their own financial life (aligning with people/institutions of integrity), which then results in a great acceleration of their movement to financial freedom in a remarkable way.

    In addition to his holistic health practice, Martin has a holistic financial wealth practice. He provides educational guidance and personal consultation to select clients with a sincere interest in exploring truth, expanding options, and grasping the means of their own financial freedom. Read more about this

    Healthful Living is on the air!!!

    Healthful Living's radio show, Reality Sandwich airs
    Thursday's @ Noon on 89.5 FM
    in San Francisco,
    or online at KPOO.com

    Upcoming Shows:
    Paradigm Shift Series

    Tune into our series on paradigm shifts of freedom, democracy, and the environment.

    • What's going on with global energy? • What do I need to really know about sustainability? • How can I know and protect my rights as a citizen? • How can I be conscious with my money?

    These questions and more key curiousities will be explored and explained over the next several weeks.

    April 27th: Jan Lundberg CultureChange.org
    Update on Global Oil & Energy

    Oil industry analyst turned activist reports from the Peak Oil conference in Washington D.C.

    Read San Francisco Becomes First City to Pass Peak Oil Resolution

    May 4th: Mike Ruppert
    Planning for Tomorrow: Lessons in Sustainability

    The publisher/editor of FromTheWilderness.com (read in over 50 countries!) and author of Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil will share his expertise on individual and community preparedness for a sustainable future. More on Mike.

    May 11th: Mark Lyon
    Know Your Rights!

    Self taught constitutional scholar will teach is what the U.S. Constitution is and isn't. Click here to download your study booklet in advance.

    May 18th: Victoria Castle
    Breaking free from Scarcity

    Author of Trance of Scarcity will share profound knowledge about breaking through from scarcity and struggle to abundance and ease. Open your mind to change.

    May 25th: Catherine Austin-Fitts
    Socially Responsible Wealth Building

    Founder of Solari.com and the Solari model for sustainable community development will speak of “financial intimacy,” an approach that gives us power to change our world in ways that are effective and consistent with our values. More on Catherine.

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