Pre-Conceived Notions (Pre-Conception Preparation)

Many women plan for pregnancy before they conceive - planning finances, career choices, living situation, and of course...planning for proper nutrition. Since pregnancy will be a busy time, it's best to learn and practice good nutrition and diet habits early. This allows time to try out what works for you, without the changes that pregnancy also bring. You can experiment with new foods and get comfortable with them before they become pregnant.

While preparing for pregnancy and being pregnant have many of the same nutritional protocols, there is one difference/advantage - pre-conception” women–have the ability to detoxify in advance toxins that can be harmful to fertility and a developing fetus.  More on this in the detoxification and fertility sections.

As a nutrition consultant who works with children with autism, I see many ways to support the health of children –- beginning before they are even conceived.  I would never suggest that a mother is to blame for a child's disorder.  However, many women who have a child or family relative with an autistic spectrum disorder, ADHD, or the like, want to do everything possible to “"stack the deck"” in their favor and to, as best they can, nourish the future. Moms realize that supplying her baby with the needed nutrients, maximizing her health and the baby's health to avoid antibiotics, detoxifying harmful heavy metals and environmental toxins before conception, and being aware of the other outside influences/interventions that can negatively impact the fetus, will give her and her baby the best start possible. 

See the following for more information:

  1. Boosting nutrient reserves
  2. Improving digestion and intestinal terrain, and
  3. Detoxifying heavy metals and toxins (BEFORE conception only. Never detox while pregnant or breastfeeding)

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