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Reality Sandwich airs every Thursday @ Noon at 89.5 FM on San Francisco community sponsored radio station KPOO (you can listen via live streaming at KPOO.com). The show presents an innately curious and meaningful look at humanity's efforts to affect individual and collective health and well being.

Weekly topics include holistic health and healing for areas of the Healthful Living Model.

At Healthful Living, we envision a world where all people "opt-in"” to co-creating reality in ways that encourage the flourishing of all life. We believe that a holistic approach to achieving individual and global wellness incorporates the nourishing and nurturance of all six areas of the model. Reality Sandwich exposes and addresses issues that touch us all, enlightening common awareness and informing positive change.

Reality Sandwich Hosts

The show is hosted by Julie Matthews and Martin Matthews of Healthful Living, a married couple committed to living and sharing holistic health and healing concepts and practices. Julie and Martin blend knowledge and personality to bring depth, insight, and fun to the show. They ask the questions you'd like to ask.

Julie has been interviewing guests for over 4 years; she is a Certified Nutrition Consultant. Martin is a Certified Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist, with a background in organizational psychology. Together they have a unique and thorough perspective on “"mind and body," and all of healthful living.

Tune into these upcoming shows for empowering insights into aspects of our reality. All shows are available for free download after they air.

February 25th - Jay Kumar, Holistic Health and Consciousness Consultant

“Conscious Business Leadership Principles and Practices”

When times are tough, we are tempted to avoid or resist change. Yet if we consciously welcome transition and know how to harness its power, we can use this transformative energy to our best advantage. Similarly, businesses too can awaken and become conscious entities, recognizing themselves as living organisms within an interconnected ecosystem. Today's show will help you explore both the individual and collective dimensions of conscious leadership principles and practices. Learn to express your unique values-based leadership style and develop the necessary tools and techniques to cultivate transformational leadership skills within your organization. Jay also will be co-teaching a 5-week course in the Bay Area (Mar. 3 - 31) to empower you into becoming a Conscious Business Leader. You can learn more here.

Jay Kumar is the founder of Living Your Light – a consulting organization that advances holistic health, wellness and conscious living. As a holistic health and consciousness consultant, Jay advises individuals, corporate clients and institutions on how to integrate aspects of consciousness and well-being into their personal life or business model. He received his graduate degrees from Columbia University in International and Public Affairs and from UCLA in linguistics. He is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Asian & Comparative Studies at the California Institute of Integral Studies. Jay is also a certified Yoga and meditation teacher, energy healer, motivational speaker and writer. To learn more you can visit his website www.livingyourlight.com or email him at jay@livingyourlight.com


Host: Martin Matthews


March 4th - Rachel Yellen, Hypnotherapist, Birth Doula


Listen in as Martin and Julie learn all about HypnoBirthing as they prepare for the birth of their first baby.

HypnoBirthing is a method of childbirth preparation that teaches women and their birth partners techniques of hypnosis, relaxation, visualization, and breathing in order to have a safer, calmer, and more positive birthing experience. This preparation promotes a deeper connection between partners, a joyful anticipation of bringing your baby into the world, and a commitment to focusing on birth as normal, natural and safe.


Host: Martin and Julie Matthews



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