Julie Matthews is a homebirth mom and nutritionist specializing in healthy kids and families. She’s a former dot-comer who’s become world-renowned for her work with autism nutrition and healthy pregnancy.

This course combines traditional wisdom with modern insights for optimal nutrition for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum. Participants will learn to embrace nutrient dense foods that nourish mom and baby to give your child a head start on a healthy life – while providing mom what she needs to thrive. Julie explains the core elements of a healthy diet and how women can apply them in today’s busy world.

The principles for optimal “mom nourishment” are consistent among people and cultures around the world. What’s good for mom and baby are good at all stages – from preconceived notions to postpartum.

Proper Nutrition for Pregnancy affects:

  • Healthy weight gain and healthy postpartum weight loss
  • Energy level and general wellbeing
  • The life long health of a child
  • Reduction in pregnancy-related complications and common discomforts
  • Decreased risk of birth defects and miscarriages
  • Liklihood of full term and healthy labor
  • Adequate flow of healthy breast milk


ONLINE Classroom Education - 6 Consecutive Weeks

Wednesday Evenings (Beginning September 15th)
6:30-8:00pm Pacific Time (9:30-11:00pm Eastern)


CLASS REMAINS OPEN TO NEW REGISTRANTS until 6pm Pacific time (please register, then telephone Martin at 415-235-2960)

• Nutrition for Pregnancy

  • Discover which nutrients are vital for fertility and pregnancy
  • Essential foods for developing baby’s growth and brain development
  • Ways to reduce sugar cravings during pregnancy, allowing mom to have more energy
  • Discuss what was GOOD about the “good old days” – and how to restore more traditional ways of eating (avoiding the world of modern processed foods)
  • Holistic Support for all stages of pregnany

Building Nutrient Reserves & Boosting Fertility

  • Building nutrient reserves before pregnancy
  • Nutrition for preconception preparation
  • Foods to boost fertility
  • Nutrients, herbs, and other considerations for fertility

• Digestion & Health

  • Vital steps to improve digestion for greater nutrient absorption and optimal health
  • Restoring digestive balance helps support baby’s digestion and reduces potential for colic, thrush, eczema, and more.
  • Discover naturally fermented and nourishing foods to create the optimal environment for digestive wellness
  • Help mom reestablish beneficial bacteria balance/levels - minimizing potential yeast overgrowth and Group B Strep

• Detoxification/Healthy Environment

  • Learn what to toxins avoid and healthier alternatives. Current and future moms especially should understand the impact of toxins and how to steer clear as best as possible. This is vital to the health of baby.
  • For those planning for pregnancy, learn about detoxification before getting pregnant to enhance fertility and minimize baby’s exposure. (Do not detox during pregnancy.) There will be plenty of information for pregnant and postpartum women about creating a healthy non-toxic home, and information for planning your next pregnancy.

• Postpartum Nutrition and Support

  • Special nourishment for mom after childbirth
  • Optimal nutrition for breastfeeding
  • Foods that promote lactation
  • Substitutions for commercial formula (when necessary)

Healthy Babies & Children - Preventing Autism

  • Great information for postpartum mothers and information to save for after baby is born.
  • Nutrition considerations when babies have colic, eczema, and other potentially food related reactions
  • Preventing childhood disorders – discussion on autism, ADHD, allergies, asthma and more.  (Julie speaks around the world on nutrition for autism)
  • Food and holistic discussions to support optimal health of your baby.

Online classroom content mirrors Julie’s live weekend workshop (though with newly expanded content!).

Pregnant now?

Planning for Pregnancy?

You will learn essential nutritional information for yourself and your developing baby. We'll also cover broader holistic health information for pregnancy and infants, and insights on nursing and nutrition for breastfeeding. Women focusing on fertility and pregnancy planning learn to nourish their bodies beforehand and discover high nutrient food options to boost up nutrient reserves before they conceive. Depending on timing, preconception women can detoxify in advance.

Already a Mom?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing take a lot of nutrients from the mother, through the food she eats and her own stored nutrients.  After the birth of a child, boosting nutrient reserves can help replenish a mother's vitality and prepare her for future pregnancies.

About Julie Matthews:

Julie Matthews is a Certifed Nutrition Consultant specializing in healthy pregnancy, moms and babies, as well as therapeutic diet and nutrition for childhood disorders. She is the author of the award-winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, and creator of the Cooking To Heal cookbook and educational DVD. Julie lectures at conferences around the country, hosts a weekly radio program and publishes diet and nutrition articles, and has a private nutrition practice in San Francisco. Julie is well respected among healthy pregnancy practitoners and parents and throughout the holistic health community. In March of 2010, Julie delivered her first child, a baby girl, safely at home with her husband, midwife, and doula's support.

Julie is a member of:

Julie is co-founding the San Francisco chapter of:

Listen to Julie provide an OVERVIEW introduction of her Nutrition For Pregnancy course.
Interview with Julie - Julie's Background & Nutrition Philosophy (55 mins)
Interview with Julie - Julies speaks exclusively about Nutrition for Pregnancy. (55 mins)

On her weekly radio show, Reality Sandwich, Julie interviews experts on topics related to healthy pregnancy, babies, and children.

Julie interviews Sally Fallon
Author of the best selling cookbook, Nourishing Traditions (55 mins). Julie and Sally discuss the application of Weston A. Price diet and nutrition principles for pregnancy (and pre-conception), babies, and children.

Julie interviews Maria Iorillo - Midwife -Three moms share holistic birth stories (55 mins)
Julie interviews Liz Lipski - Author of the Digestive Wellness (55 mins)

What people are saying about Julie's class....

"I walked out feeling energized and inspired about the prospect of starting a healthy family."

“Julie provides extensive knowledge about the nutritional needs of pregnancy and how to prepare your body to have the healthiest pregnancy possible."

"I've entered a new world of thinking and reading about both nutrition and general wellness."

"Julie's helped me focus on key areas to improve my health and feeling of well-being."

“I participated in Julie's pre-pregnancy class to gear up for my second pregnancy and wished so much that I'd taken it in time for my first. Julie's knowledge is deep and research-based and her class was incredibly useful, inspiring, eye-opening, and practical. Because of her class I've entered a new world of thinking and reading about both nutrition and general wellness for which I am so grateful."

“I loved the class. It was informative, interesting, and fun. Before taking your class, I didn't pay much attention to nutrition, but now, I'm all about eating organic and reading labels (and not just for the calories). I also learned a lot about all of the options that pregnant women have with midwives, doulas, Chinese medicine, etc. I recommend your class.”

Registration includes:

  • 9 hours of live nutrition education and practical insights from Julie Matthews
    • Weekly links to each class - so you can "attend" at any convenient time
  • Comprehensive pregnancy nutrition manual (electronic version) by Julie includes: nutrition and supplementation information, meal ideas, recipes, resources of foods, products, and services
    • Hardcopy bound workbook available (add $30)
  • Online visual materials to go along with presentation/discussion
  • Q&A time on each call
  • Discounted private nutrition consultations

Watch video snippet of Julie from a recent live class...


BONUS VIDEO CONTENT: Holistic Pratitioners

View informative short video presentations from Julie's most trusted fellow pregnancy practitioners - Learn how they support women before, during, and after baby: MIDWIFE, DOULA, CHIROPRACTOR, PSYCHOTHERAPIST

Class Details:

LIVE Webinar Series with Julie Matthews: $200

Join us through the internet or by phone (To view the presentation, interact, and send questions, join us through the web. Phone is listen only mode.)




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